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So show work is once again upon me.


I enjoy show work, I do, but the timing of this show isn't the best! I'd have rather had the first show, "Fairground" which you can read more about on [personal profile] lil_lost_kitten's lj, or "Bye Bye Birdie" which is the last show.

Dream is kinda stuck there, in the middle, so my own study work has to stop then re-start. Which is not fun.


Hmm, Genz is laughing her head off again in the room next door. I am rather scared as to what has tickled her funny bone now. Am I brave enough to ask?


...... No.

Anyway, back to show work: as it was the first day, we went to Wardrobe Store which is like 15 mins off campus (-Don't get me started on the insane rationale that the "Powers That Be" of the university have) -So we went to store and sourced lotsa stuff. And the more we source, the less we have to make! Yay!

Then I was sent for fabric samples and to do some more sourcing from charity shops.

I LOVE charity shops! I found a black leather handbag from River Island for £4.45! It's very simple cut, but my great plan is to  decorate it with charms and junk, similar to the charm necklaces worn by Orlando Bloom (lookie here) He uses his favorite articles, like a key ring (from Johnny Depp,) a piece of green-stone (from Billy Boyd) and interestingly, a NYC handcuff key to "Get him out of trouble". Lol.

So anyway, that is my amazing inexpensive plan to have an awesome amazing unique bag!

Ok, so my plan is not great.

 I'll live.



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