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A friend emailed me with this link . And it scares me.

At first, I thought it was just drawn on, (And let's just take a few moments to admire the deatil! It's more than amazing) some arty thing in charcoal, on the human body, but turns out it is a tattoo! Now, I love Bones, but I think that MAY be taking it a LITTLE far!


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The doctor gave me some new medication. But I've been having a few side effects. Not the, "oh, I feel a bit sick" minor side effects. More of the nasty "stop taking the pills and call your doctor!" ones. And it happened late last night, so unless I wanted to call the hospital, there wasn't much I could do.

So I've had little-to-no sleep, and the side effects are still there. And more disconcertingly, one of the side effects I've got seems to be stabbing/shooting pains in my chest. Now, I'm not quite sure if, with all the other symptoms freaking me out, I've managed to persuade myself that I've got more than I have, or wether I should be panicking.

Last night I spent most of the night reading books, desperately trying not to freak out at chest pain, and trying to convince myself that if I closed my eyes to sleep I'd wake up in the morning.

Sounds stupid, ne?

But when you're alone in a house, taking pills that can form blood clots and other nasties, sense and reason are not taken into much account.

*watches clock* I've gotta call my doctor at 11.30. I think she'll just tell me to stop taking them, and hope she doesn't want to actually see me! I look a fright, and would have to drag myself in on the bus. I could get a taxi back, but the bus goes around the houses and takes 40 mins!

*looks at computer clock*

*leg wibble*

'm scared. *calming breaths*

EDIT: apparently its very dangerous to keep taking the pills. Could lead to very nastiness. I am so annoyed, why can't my body, JUST TAKE THE BLOODY PILLS AND NOT DO THIS TO ME!! *angsts*

And I STILL have a headache *pouts*


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