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*screams and tears hair out* For the last week or so, there have been builders at our building. They put scaffolding up- but first they had to carry the metal rods and wood boards through to the back garden. They then spent TWO DAYS (at least) playing the MOST FUN GAME EVER(!) They carried the wood planks to the back garden, then dropped them down on the woodchips. And then repeated, and dropped the next one on the previous plank.


This train is currently at Headache Central.

And THEN they decided to move this annoyance up a level. Yes, you got it! CLANG!! CLANG!! Time to play with the METAL poles. Great.

We have now moved on to Migrane Central. Next stop is MURDER CENTRAL.

And I can't open my blinds because they can look right in my window!! *pout*

Anyway, they got the scaffolding all up. But now, the people upstairs are doing work in their flat. They're drilling, banging, clunking, and nailing things up there and I'm getting Pished Off. There is no emoticon for what I'm feeling. They start at about 8.00-8.30am and they can continue till about 6-7pm! *glares*

*glares up at ceiling* SHUT UP! I HATE YOU SOOO MUCH!

And poor Genz-bunny is ill in bed, feeling miserable, and she can't even get some peace and quiet.

I'm seriously considering killing the builders with a spork. Or my embroidery scissors. Or the glowing key from RvsB. But my overall favorite builder-killing implement has to be the pretty drinks parasol that I kept from Genz' birthday celebration with Ruthie.

...I wonder if you get internet access in jail?


Edit: 12th Nov: Or perhaps my favorite weapon would be a Cwellan? *ponders* ...Or Daystar Clarion. And anyone who gets the referance will be my best friend forever! 


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