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Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,

This year I've been busy!

In October I pushed [livejournal.com profile] jaylee_g in the mud (-17 points). In July I had a shoot-out with rival gang lords on the 5 near LA (-76 points). Last week I gave [livejournal.com profile] gypsyluv a life-saving blood transfusion (50 points). In January I ruled Iran as a kind and benevolent dictator (700 points). In August I got in line at the supermarket at the same time as someone else and I didn't yield (-8 points).

Overall, I've been nice (649 points). For Christmas I deserve a Playstation 3!


Write your letter to Santa! Enter your LJ username:
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I just saw a VERY disturbing post at one of my groups- by a sicko called [livejournal.com profile] dasolution , who wrote a disgusting self-insert hitman gay bashing. And can I say, that it isn't even well written!  If you're gonna write something, at least write it well, but it is full of bad grammar, spelling mistakes, and don't even get me started on punctuation.

But I digress. I did a quick scroll through his lj, and my god that person has issues! Closet gay, anyone?

...Sorry, had to get that off my chest.


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OMG! It's that time of year again! The People's Choice Awards are open!! Go HERE and vote! (and Orlando Bloom is in the ''fave star under 35'' section!! *g*)

Go. Vote. *shoos people towards the link*

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*screams and tears hair out* For the last week or so, there have been builders at our building. They put scaffolding up- but first they had to carry the metal rods and wood boards through to the back garden. They then spent TWO DAYS (at least) playing the MOST FUN GAME EVER(!) They carried the wood planks to the back garden, then dropped them down on the woodchips. And then repeated, and dropped the next one on the previous plank.


This train is currently at Headache Central.

And THEN they decided to move this annoyance up a level. Yes, you got it! CLANG!! CLANG!! Time to play with the METAL poles. Great.

We have now moved on to Migrane Central. Next stop is MURDER CENTRAL.

And I can't open my blinds because they can look right in my window!! *pout*

Anyway, they got the scaffolding all up. But now, the people upstairs are doing work in their flat. They're drilling, banging, clunking, and nailing things up there and I'm getting Pished Off. There is no emoticon for what I'm feeling. They start at about 8.00-8.30am and they can continue till about 6-7pm! *glares*

*glares up at ceiling* SHUT UP! I HATE YOU SOOO MUCH!

And poor Genz-bunny is ill in bed, feeling miserable, and she can't even get some peace and quiet.

I'm seriously considering killing the builders with a spork. Or my embroidery scissors. Or the glowing key from RvsB. But my overall favorite builder-killing implement has to be the pretty drinks parasol that I kept from Genz' birthday celebration with Ruthie.

...I wonder if you get internet access in jail?


Edit: 12th Nov: Or perhaps my favorite weapon would be a Cwellan? *ponders* ...Or Daystar Clarion. And anyone who gets the referance will be my best friend forever! 

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The evol [livejournal.com profile] lil_lost_kitten has introduced me to my new obsession. Nothing can properly discribe the weird shit that is RedvsBlue. It is immensely quotable, and is just MADE OF WIN. I really can't do it justice. *pout* Though when Genz is online again she'll probs do an awesome fandom rant  about just how much epic win it is made of, so ask her! 

       ^^^        ∆ ===   ¤          
  X        \_/       [000]

And I'm gonna stop there. I should actually doing something productive. Like designing! And much less procrastinating! *sigh*

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Glitter GraphicsGlitter Graphics

Happy Birthday [personal profile] lil_lost_kitten

And to make you smile, a slightly birthday related quote!

Grif: Well, if you're the judge and the DA, and I'm the defense, you know Donut's gonna wanna be the bailiff, and that means he's gonna wanna wear the cop uniform with the short shorts.

Simmons: Ugh, Officer Hot-pants.

Grif: Exactly. And I think we can all remember that dance routine from Sarge's birthday party.

[Cut to Grif and Simmons from the past looking at an enormous cake]

Simmons: Oh, my God, that cake is huge! It's big enough to fit a person in it.

Grif: Why does the cake smell like baby oil? Oh God, where's Donut?!



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My rant ended up really long so...lj cut! )



Aug. 29th, 2008 07:01 pm
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Which Eric Bana Character Loves You? by kira_may
Your name:
He looooooves you:
And this is why:You like a bit of action
How you feel about it:Can't talk - shagging
You and he spend time:Rescuing stray cats
You shag this many times a night:4


Aug. 23rd, 2008 11:28 am
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Mum woke me up today and said that David had a prezzie for me downstairs. I struggled downstairs and found....
THIS!! )

I am so happy! Today is offcially an AWEsome day! *dances like Drew*

Nothing can fully express my fangirly joy!

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The doctor gave me some new medication. But I've been having a few side effects. Not the, "oh, I feel a bit sick" minor side effects. More of the nasty "stop taking the pills and call your doctor!" ones. And it happened late last night, so unless I wanted to call the hospital, there wasn't much I could do.

So I've had little-to-no sleep, and the side effects are still there. And more disconcertingly, one of the side effects I've got seems to be stabbing/shooting pains in my chest. Now, I'm not quite sure if, with all the other symptoms freaking me out, I've managed to persuade myself that I've got more than I have, or wether I should be panicking.

Last night I spent most of the night reading books, desperately trying not to freak out at chest pain, and trying to convince myself that if I closed my eyes to sleep I'd wake up in the morning.

Sounds stupid, ne?

But when you're alone in a house, taking pills that can form blood clots and other nasties, sense and reason are not taken into much account.

*watches clock* I've gotta call my doctor at 11.30. I think she'll just tell me to stop taking them, and hope she doesn't want to actually see me! I look a fright, and would have to drag myself in on the bus. I could get a taxi back, but the bus goes around the houses and takes 40 mins!

*looks at computer clock*

*leg wibble*

'm scared. *calming breaths*

EDIT: apparently its very dangerous to keep taking the pills. Could lead to very nastiness. I am so annoyed, why can't my body, JUST TAKE THE BLOODY PILLS AND NOT DO THIS TO ME!! *angsts*

And I STILL have a headache *pouts*

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*raises eyebrows suggestively*

(much thanks to Silvan Lady for bringing this to my attention!)


Jul. 28th, 2008 09:38 pm
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I just scared next doors' cat by laughting at this. You know you wanna do the clicky!

*cries with laughter*

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I was talking to a friend yesterday and she said she'd come across something I'd LOVE. She wouldn't tell me what it was, she told me it wasn't "Cafe friendly" but promised to send me links to two websites.

I was all like "..Its porn isn't it? You're gonna send me porn. Is it gay porn? Is it good?" She said "...No. And what the hell are you talking about?" And I said "..So the porn is bad? Or het? Oh god, it's something really gross *laugh* like watersports isn't it! Ewwwww." She said "Ewwwww! *lolz* Z.O.E.! Bleccch! Where did you get an idea like that?" And I said "*innocent look* late night tv!"

She didn't believe me. *pout* But she sent the links, (sadly not porn) but made me laugh! Try THIS and THIS. So tempting, but i must resist. I am NOT THAT OBSESSED!  and I would have to take them up with me to scotland and how am I supposed to concentrate! I'd be reading and looking and get nothing done. Which would be fun bad.

And LOLZ at linky 2! "The force of will." Lookie, they made a funny pun. *not impressed*


(Do you think Haverfordwest Library might have a copy...?)*blush*
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I was waiting for my brother to call me at 2am this morning, so I decided to have a play with Elements 6.0. Twas much fun! AND I MADE AN ICON! Ok, it's not very good- (but I think it's pretty good for me not knowing what the beep I'm doing, and me actually doing the thing I didn't know how to do at 2am!) and staying up late hurt brain-it go squishyness-ouchie- brain no workee *Clears throat*

Yes, I've gotta change the 5th bit, so you can actually read the text properly, but other than that, I don't think it sucks totally. Or does it? Is it terrible?

But *squeeeeeee!* I MADE AN ICON!

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Myspace Text - http://www.sparklee.com

Glitter Text - http://www.sparklee.com
Have an amazingly funky day hun! *big snugglekiss*

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So I have a driving lesson tomorrow. Not a big deal. Not scary at all.


Ok, so there is a possibility that I'm slightly nervous.

Alright, I'm scared. I admit it.

Ok, ok. I'm terrified. Absolutely shaking and twitching.  I'm petrified and wanna cancel the lesson. Which is stupid, right? Very stupid. I mean, I can drive ok, I just get very nervous, but I can do all the maneuvers no problem, and I can even do a regulation "Emergency Stop" so not a big problem with the actual DRIVING.

But I haven't driven in ten months-ish. That is scary. What if I forget how to turn the car on?! *thinks hard* Ok, so what was the starting sequence? Umm.. *scratches head* Ok, turn ignition on I can do. Then check mirrors. No I've got to check the handbrake when I get in, before turning on the car. *twitches nervously*

Ok, so I can remember how to turn on the car. I may have forgotten how to drive though. I hope it's one of those things that's mostly muscle memory, like riding a bike, or writing your signature!

*deep breaths*

I can summarise my feelings with this icon:

(Found it on one of my icon pillages but the creator was unknown. If anyone DOES know who it's by, please share!)

*does much deep breathing*

Ok... I need to keep calm.


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So I was browsing my f-page, and came across [profile] gypsyluv's latest post. It had pics. Nice pics. I am not living up to my obsessive fangirl image, as I hadn't seen these pics of Orlando! Make with the clicky- tis GOOD!  Anyway, the amazing Gypsyluv made some icons from one of the pics! And as I'm a total Icon whore (just ask [personal profile] lil_lost_kitten) I've saved them to my already humongous icon collection, and will squee at them muchly!

*sighs happily*



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