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So last night I was in bed, sleeping, like a normal person (and I was doing a pre~tty good job of pretending to be normal I'll have you know,) when


I wake up with a jolt, and my heart is pounding, seriously it felt like my heartbeat was shaking the bed and I was trembling and shaking. I took some deep breaths, and tried my best to rationalize what I'd just heard. (Which is hard, and my rationalization is wonky at the best of times.) So I started a mantra of, "wow, that sounded a LOT like a gunshot, but it wasn't. IT WASN'T. No. Everything is fine, actually I just probably imagined it! " *nervous laughter*  *more deep breathing*

A minute later, I've deluded myself enough to think maybe I DID dream it, and there's a quiet knocking on my door. Genz-[livejournal.com profile] lil_lost_kitten comes in and is like "...did you just hear that?" and I said "...crap, I was just beginning to believe that I imagined it." "Ummm... didn't that sound an AWFUL lot like...a gunshot" Genz ventured. So I thought "double crap, it wasn't just me."

So, its just 3am, which is the worst time to be up I think, as it's the panic and paranoia hour, and we think we just heard a gunshot. Mega crap. We can't hear any movement in the apartment building, and since we're on the ground floor, we hear EVERYONE coming and going. I turn my light on, and immediately think "*expletive deleted* if there IS a killer outside my window (why would he be lurking there? I don't know, but welcome to my brain) he's just seen my light go on. Balls." Genz chose this moment to say something about not wanting it to be the sound "of someone blowing their brains out" (~bunny, if you're reading this then I think we've been playing to many violent video games) which didn't help.

Genz and I spent the next  ten mins doing a back and forth that consisted of us rationalizing that while it SOUNDED like a gunshot, it didn't have the reverberation echoey-ness of a shot being fired, (~ bunny, I also think we've been watching too many thinks like Over There and Gen Kill if we can identify stuff like that) and was most likely someone in the hall on one of the upstairs floors dropping a box. Perhaps one of those big strong plastic ones- maybe filled with heavy books. Possibly the guy who lives above, who is moving out, and seems to be up and moving at all hours. We went over to my window and did some recon: we unobtrusively peaked out under the blinds at the garden but nothing stirred, not even a psycho killer out for BLOOD. (crap, just freaked myself out a bit there.)

We also decided that it could be in the buildings surrounding us, as you can hear when someone in the the building opposite is having a party. So logistically, calling the police and saying "I thought I might have heard a shot, but actually now, I think that it was a box being dropped, and was possibly a box dropped in another building, as no one tried to run away, and no one else seemed to wake up" seemed a little pointless. And pathetic. Genz figured it might be the end of the world, and everyone else was dead, but if it WAS and we called the police, then they'd be dead too, and not much help.

We hovered in the hall for a bit (the hall in our flat, NOT the main hall, what do you think we are, stupid? Don't answer that Genz) then decided to try and get some sleep. Genz' parting line was "I hope we don't wake up dead"

Luckily we didn't wake up dead. Obviously. Unless my spirit is haunting the flat, and posting this while I'm dead in my bed?

Crap, now I'm freaked out again.


EDIT: Genz says she woke up, thought it was the end of the world, and thought to herself "I don't want to die without asking Zoe what that was." and "I need to have a philosophical conversation with Zoe."

Ahh Genz, much lolz! *snuggles*

Date: 2010-02-03 12:04 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] wyntertwilight.livejournal.com
Yikes! That sounds pretty scary, I think I would freak out and imagine the worst possible thing too :-S. I wonder what it was, did you guys find out what actually caused the noise? I'm glad you guys didn't wake up dead, anyway! *hugs*

Date: 2010-02-03 09:01 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] cleokoneko.livejournal.com
We never found out what it was :( I'm hoping we're going to run into someone else who lives in the building, and that they'll know, but no luck so far! *hugs*



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