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Ok, so I haven't posted in a while. Too busy with the pain that is RL: doing coursework, stressing out about coursework, trying to get enough work done before mid-semester tutorials, being sick, etc.

I've been feeling really ill, on and off for over a month, but just figured i had a recurring virus (I'm GREAT at picking those up) so didn't really think anything of it. Of course its' Murphy's Law that on the weekend that I went down to Lancaster to see my family for my big 21st celebration party that I get really ill again!

I spent as much time in my hotel bed as I could but kept having to get up to greet people, and eat big dinners! And the dinners were the worse. My Gran is very particular about people clearing their plates, so I kept having to stuff myself, as she wouldn't take no for an answer! *rolls eyes* Oh, and my big birthday meal  *cue sad violin music*  was me watching everyone drink and have a great time, eating lovely food, whilst I nursed a lime soda, and stared mournfully at the fillet steak on my plate, that I'd managed two small bites of. *Violin music stops*

Then I had to travel back up here on my actual birthday, on a train (not fun) and I crashed as soon as I got in! 

My Dad called that evening and told me that my stepsister had been in hospital for a week, with some gastric thing. She was in for two weeks,  is feeling better now, and was sent home. She'll have to take medication for the rest of her life, though. I'm just happy that she's gonna be ok, y'kno?

Went to the docs, they took PINTS of blood (I have a serious fear of needles, had some bad ones as a child) for this really complicated genetic test that takes 10 days, to try and work out what's wrong! I'm miz at the moment, cuz my tummy doesn't like heavy food, or food in general, (and I'm sick of yoghurt and soup!!!) I get results tomorrow!

On a good note, I'm feeling a bit more positive about my sewing work, I think I may be finished in time! And I'm going to change my ''Question'' of my project to make it less sketchbook, and more focused on outcome! Yay! Less work for me! (I hope)

Thanks to everyone who wished me happy birthday! Y'all made me smile! *huge snugglehuggles*


And to cheer myself up...

...... and just because I couldn't resist...

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